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the GENDER book is a fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender - a gender 101 for anyone and everyone.


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by Hunter Rook and Jay Mays

(and a big beautiful community!)

      the GENDER book 2010-2016 some rights reserved.

I'll be your guide as we explore gender.







We looked for a 101 book and didn't see one yet. So we set out to make our own.

Education is for sharing! Please enjoy and distribute widely.

my friends & I saw a need for more education.


An illustrated book about gender- similar to educational children's books- with no age limit. All hand-drawn graphics and lots of color. It's about 90 pages long, and readable in one sitting.

Topics Covered...

  •  what is gender?

  • gender versus sex

  • gender through history

  • gender across cultures

  • gender identity

  • the transgender umbrella

  • real folks' surveys

  • a useful glossary


         ...and lots more! 

Who made this, anyway?

We're four committed individuals from Houston, Texas. The creators have a range of transgender identities from androgynous genderqueers to butches to drag kings to trans men.


If we've confused you already, don't worry! That's why we wanted to make the book- to help tell our own stories and those of the ones we love. But we didn't do it alone. Co-authoring the book are hundreds of trans and cis voices from across the globe who participated in our survey and interviews. Learn more about us here. Join the team here.

May we write you?

It's been so great getting to know you. Let's stay in touch!

We'd love the chance to keep you informed on really important GENDER book news (like book release parties and when it's available at a store near you). We promise we'll never spam you. Want to join? Just put your info in the box to the right.

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the GENDER book(let)


the GENDER book



HAPPY PRIDE! We're offering a sale to buy two books, get the second one half off. You save $15 and get to share gender education with a friend! Use promo code STONEWALL at checkout.

The real deal- 90+ pages chock full of informational deliciousness. Available as a free e-book and a handsome hardback.


Infographics ahoy! Learn more and see the pages here.

Our first project, the booklet is an annotated version of the GENDER book. It is small enough to fit in your back pocket and hand out guerilla-style to everyone you meet. 6 pages of just the essentials. Available as a free e-book and printable do-it-yourself version here.

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Why buy the hardback?


Easier to share!

Coffee table conversation-starter!

Support the (trans and queer) artists who made this!

Eco-friendly (20% recycled and soy-based inks)

Half the proceeds go to the book scholarship fund (600 books donated for orgs and individuals so far!)

Features a free pull-out booklet to tear-n-share

It's fun to flip through!gorgeous full-color printing

Makes a great gift


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