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the GENDER booklet

An annotated version of the GENDER book that is small enough to fit in your back pocket and hand out guerilla-style to everyone you meet. 6 pages of just the essentials. Available as a free e-book and printable do-it-yourself version.


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You can download these (and any other images found on our site) and use them for almost any purpose. Put them in a slideshow, use them for your handout,  put it in your email signature, etc.


The only rules are let people know your source (a link to our site works) and don't charge money for it. Enjoy!

the pages

Download DIY Printable Version free

Need printed copies?

Feel free to take it to your local print shop, print double-sided, and staple for your class, conference, or grandma. Need a lot printed? Contact us and we may be able to help you brainstorm fundraising. Finally, Please take a moment to tell us all about how you're using them.


Did you know every copy of the full-length GENDER book contains a free booklet copy? Rad! Maybe you should go buy one?

We offer the GENDER booklet as a free pdf download in the hopes that you will enjoy it, read it, and DISTRIBUTE WIDELY. Print it out and give it to all your friends, post it to your facebook page, stick it on your forum badge, print out 1,000 copies for your convention or 35 for your classroom.

Totally free.

All images and text (cc) the GENDER book 2011. some rights reserved.

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