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Safe Spaces Pack

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What's included?

GENDER 101 Prezi presentation with images from the GENDER book


Print-ready copy of the GENDER booklet and instructions for DIY printing.


Postcards to leave out and show your support and spread the word


Business cards for networking and activism


5 Gorgeous full-color educational posters to hang in your space. They may be printed up to 3 feet across with no loss in quality!

Want to make your campus, business, library, or school a little bit safer for gender minorities? The creators of the GENDER book have compiled some resources for you to spread the word to your small group or classroom. Totally free.


Please take a moment to tell us all about how you're using them (we'd love to see our posters in your campus resource center, or our postcards on your resource table!) If these art and education tools have been useful, please consider donating to support our project and let us continue our work. Or, buy a hardback book to complete your resource set!

All images and text (cc) the GENDER book 2011. some rights reserved.

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