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the making of a book

1. research, research, research

2. conduct over 200 surveys

3. draw the pages ( see video )

4. write the words and typeset

5. ask for community feedback

6. edit, edit, edit

7. print and publish

zuriprogress TGB_6 inprogress

we are currently working on editing, seeking community feedback, and researching our printing and publishing options for the full-length GENDER book. If you have any leads in this department or can lend financial support, we'd greatly appreciate it.


So far this entire project has been a labor of love shared by 4 individuals and a big community. Please consider joining us and making this great idea a reality. All funds we collect go to printing costs. Our next steps are to:


1. offer free access to ebook versions

2. donate copies to GLBT centers and schools around the world

3. get the booklet and book translated into multiple languages

4. speak at colleges, GLBT centers, and conferences on gender

5. get the book printed and available in as many bookstores as possible.