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Cutting-edge art city: Four Houston projects given Idea Fund grants


"Houston, make room for some cool artsy unconventional projects. The idea-ed ones have been selected in the annual Idea Fund, funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, administered by DiverseWorks, Aurora Picture Show and Project Row Houses."

Houston Arts Alliance


Houston Arts Alliance provides grants annually to over 250 arts and cultural organizations and artists through a competitive grant allocation process... [g]rants are awarded for the encouragement, promotion, improvement and application of the arts to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry."


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The Idea Fund

"The following ten Texas-based artists or artist groups will receive $4,000 ... to create and showcase projects in the coming year..."

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HGO Got $4 Million, What Would You Do With the Money?


"[I]nclude a broadening of our online reach ... [so that] kids could learn about gender roles, identities and performance of various cultures... [C]reate "GenderTube," ...[M]ake a documentary... Houston could host a gender conference of its own that would bring together the major players in the artistic, academic and political realms to create space for ideas for gender equality either on a regional, national or international level."

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Cara at Autostraddle wrote a very sweet write up of our project. How exciting! Check it out. She says: “The book is straightforward enough that you could send it to your mom the next time she asks you why you’re wearing a tie, and in-depth enough that even people who think about this stuff every day can probably find something new — did you know that the tastiest papayas come from hermaphroditic papaya trees? I also learned the term “gender surfer.” Even if it’s all familiar, you’ll definitely enjoy the illustrations, many of which are adorable and smart reinterpretations of familiar images, like classical art and board games (did I spot a marble statue of Jessica Rabbit?). And the overall style is a really great mix of wide-eyed and wise.”

Autostraddle Team Pick

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Gendercast Episode 28:

the GENDER book Project

"It’s beautiful. And super informative...Also, it’s super fun."

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KPFT Houston:

Queer Voices interview

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Gender is complicated. In our culture, we often tend to create simplified binaries for just about everything: male or female, young or old, gay or straight, black or white. The problem with these binaries is that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for that all too important middle ground, which often gets ignored, invalidated, or simply forgotten because of just how challenging it can be to recognize the endless possibilities for human identification.

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“The Gender Book” Is the Newest (and most user-friendly) Resource about Gender

by Rachel at One Equal World

Huffington Post Review

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"The book, which is essentially a massive, 94-page collection of gender-specific infographics, may be one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly pieces of literature on the topic of gender theory in recent history. Tackling topics like gender identity and presentation, gender-based assumptions, cissexism, pronouns, the gender binary, and the transgender umbrella, the book lives up to its name, providing the reader with an engaging Gender 101 lesson." -Parker Marie Molloy

Curve Magazine Review

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"This 90-page fully illustrated book is made to be enjoyed in one sitting as it follows the adventures of the main character Boston’s personal gender exploration. The GENDER book is the result of countless hours of research, more than 200 questionnaires, and dozens of one-on-one interviews with members of the communities depicted in the book. The result represents an agreement of many diverse community voices and a huge step forward in the world of gender education." -GEORGIE KROKUS

The (Gender) Book of Love

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