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community thanks


SO many people have donated personally to help fund our printing costs. So many people have helped spread the word. So many voices have helped to write this book. So many folks encourage us, inspire us, and keep us going. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!


You! For educating yourself and telling your friends about the project. Anything else is bonus!


Our unsung creators

To everyone who has contributed to GENDERpedia and submitted surveys: you are our heroes!


the Transgender Foundation of America for supporting us by generously letting us use their archives.

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Every. Bit. Helps.

We understand not everyone is in a place where they can contribute resources. That's why we're committed to keeping our e-book free, forever.


But, everyone can help in some way! Have you considered submitting a survey, offering us some feedback, or throwing a drag show fundrasier? Everyone has something to offer, and if you find our work important, we ask you to bring it.


Even something as simple as spreading the word across your social networks or blog with a personal note or a quick email to folks you think might like it would go a long way.


Thanks for whatever you are available for!

-Jay, Mel, and Robin

No money?

No problem!

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Awards and Honors

We were honored to receive the Horizon Award at the 2011 Unity Banquet for creating change in our home community. Thanks, Houston!


the Houston Arts Alliance

the GENDER book received a 2011 Individual Artist Grant to complete the GENDER book. Yes!


the IDEA fund

the GENDER book was a 2011 IDEA fund Grantee through Diverseworks, the Aurora Picture Show, Project Row Houses, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.  We're honored!