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Crowdfunding Advice

18 tips for a successful Kickstarter / indiegogo / gofundme crowdfunding campaign



Know your crowd funding requirements before you give a launch date!


How long does it take to get accepted? (indiegogo is fast, Kickstarter can be more than a week)

How much money will they take and make sure your goals pad for this?

Who will take the filing for taxes?

Long before you launch (3 months minimum) the campaign begins


Tap into all communities and make sure they are educated not only about your project but also about how crowdfunding works (if you do not educated them before you will loose time and money during the campaign)



We started with the people who had time to give who wanted to have fun!


we gave them missions


we offered low cost special incentives

this built community and inspiration between the people they were playing with (shared a passion with) and for them to their community.. and each mission requested that they loop us in...either posting our link or sharing we gave them the mission so others could play and know our project. These people also became donors because they were committed

this is something that could last longer than your campaign

See our here- http://www.thegenderbook.com/gender-scouts/4579054527

We asked everyone for their contacted and media support:

leave no media un-tapped!


word of mouth


social media

internet communities that are like minded

paper mags need at least a months notice

raido...whos has a pod cast or a media show or a youtube channel

posters are passive marketing

paying for FB add boosted us to other levels we were not getting it..it delivered on page likes and new crowds..it was worth it!

we asked everyone… what would they do? How could they help? (let them think about it..that has them be in the game with you!)

Thank your peeps every night that donated that day so they are more likely to feel appreciated, provide them with media links and they can send to friends and remember that and they might re donate so provide the ways they can watch the project like a FB page. After all they are now invested and THEY ARE making this project a success its CROWDsourcing! Make it easy for them with providing share links, electronic pics to post etc. so they can casue  their crowd.


ASK your crowd what they would donate for as far as prizes and keep it low overhead so you can keep the $ going into the project. Also the more electronic.. the faster and cheaper it is to get to them...make sure you pad enough time  to get the perks and get it to them.


video and money disclosure:


The first min is what gets the crowd to stay or go.. you want to leave them with WHY it matters to them… esp for ppl who are not like minded.. this is  your time to win them over

watch the videos that met their goal and the ones that didn’t… ask yourself why

you don’t have to spend a lot of money but you do have to show your project in a few interesting ways...it’s the ADD genderation.. make it gripping, just the facts! If you are bored they won’t watch it. Sample this out to a community before you launch and leave space for feedback in your time and budget.

Let them know that the time frame of the campaign, the All or Nothing or We keep it all...whatever setting you picked...let them know what you will do if you do NOT make your goal,if you DO, and if you GO WAY OVER where the money goes to...it’s their money after all they want to know and once they know they can tell others!


How much time will this take? MORE than you know.. plan for space to spend for answeing questions, doing interviews, constant updates, events etc. also plan for after.. how to get it to them plus perks...plan it all out with honesty of what you have to give and pad time for life to happen. If your team can not do something..find ppl who can. Constant check in with your team and do pep talks, encouragement, consistent messaging...this helps it be easy and clear and have less upset in the end… they are your team after all...without them it wouldn’t have happened.. and in a few months time a lot of life can happen so checking in about LIFE not just the project makes a huge difference.



Wellness, Budget, Breakdowns


Find ways to keep your team well, happy, driven, inspired, have their life work and the campaign work

meetings, break times that are planned, trips before or after..with the team and away from the team

find good ways to deal with stress, time delays, wellness needs, upsets,...the quickest way to kill a project is to have unworkability, (drama, resentments, stress) one of the biggest ways is when you are communicating remember who this person is for you vs the work they are doing for you… no one likes a tast master, a jerk, a dictator and when we hear to-dos or have stress.. this comes across most in text (email  or txt msg) it may take time but make time for face to face or verbal communication because you can hear the human factor in your team and what they are dealing with. Compassion, Acknowledgement, and Thank yous go a LONG way in a crunch time and they are free for your and priceless for another...this can be the difference in getting the campaign done or not...having it be the best time of your life or the worse.

when changes to the timeline occurs keep your peeps notified and don’t spam :)

Advice from Robin,

Community Relations

Design advice from Mel

Good luck on your next big project to change the world!

Let us know how it goes and how we can help!