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Coming out resources

Just realized your identity as a transgender person? That can be a fun, enlightening, and kind of scary experience. When you're ready, you might want to tell other people about it!


Don't worry, that's part of why we wrote and drew the GENDER book- as a little toolbox for sharing your gender with the world. Try printing out a page or two to start a conversation, or give it to a loved one as a little 'homework' reading after you tell them about yourself. Need more help and encouragement?

Check out these resources below:

General coming out information

Coming out to your parents Resources for parents with transgender kids One person's coming out story A coming out workbook PFLAG's Welcoming Our Trans Family and Friends Coming out to professors Coming out in the workplace How to come out in 7 steps

Help coming out to particular people

Help! Someone just came out to me!

A best case scenario...

Some of our favorite books...

the GENDER book was always meant to be a primer, the first step in your education.

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