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This project started in a cute grey house in Houston, Texas on Marshall street in the part of town called Montrose.


The community on Marshall street was a blend gender expressions, from the fabulous drag kings to the androgynous couch-crasher, to the soft-butch art teacher, the princess labrador retriever named Jack, little alpha pup named Noah, and a pair of ferrets.


These individuals first helped educate each other, and then themselves, to learn more of what it means to live and express and perform one's gender role.


The more they learned, the more they wanted to share with everyone else. They saw a need around them in transgender friends who wanted more options on their census forms, and transsexual lovers who had to educate their own therapists, and parents wanting to know how to be supportive of their gender-variant kids.


Their solution: the GENDER book.

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To educate everyone (for example: doctors, friends, schoolteachers, family and individuals who are exploring their gender) about gender...


... To be a free & widely disseminated resource that points readers towards comprehensive sources...

... To alleviate societial oppression & misunderstanding of gender minorities through  education.

An illustrated book- similar to educational children's books- with no age limit. All hand-drawn graphics and lots of color. It's about 90 pages long, and will be readable in one sitting.

about the  project

the vision

the goals...


Topics Covered...

  • introduction

  • what is gender?

  • gender generalizations

  • gender versus sex

  • biological brain differences

  • gender behavior in kids

  • gender through history

  • gender across cultures

  • Gender Identity

  • Gender expression

  • gender perceptions

  • binary v. spectrum

  • transgender umbrella...  

  • masculine women

  • androgynous people

  • feminine men  

  • MtF overview/physical transition

  • FtM overciew/physical transition  

  • cross-dressers  

  • drag kings/queens

  • intersex individuals

  • genderqueers  

  • other TG identities

  • TG concerns

  • example life timeline  

  • how to be an ally

  • challenges/conclusion

  • full surveys

  • thank yous

  • other resources

  • index

  • glossary


       ...and more!




the GENDER book

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